Friday, March 27, 2009

national zoo

So today we decided that we were well enough to exit our quarantined home. Thank goodness I was starting to come down with cabin fever. So we packed up a lunch and headed out to drive as far from our house as possible today...we decided to go to the National Zoo in Washington DC. If you've never been there before I highly recommend it. Here are a few shots from today...

Isn't she a bit young to be grumping about how early it is???? We were anxious to get out the door :)

We all agreed that our favorite animal at the zoo are the monkeys...and yes I know if they don't have a tail there an ape. This old lady was cracking me up...she looks like shes had enough.

Its so wierd, he was looking right at Max as if to say "pssst...hey kid...ya got any foooood?"

And this one I'm sure was looking for a way to break out.

I took the kids in the reptile house and Andy stayed outside with Lucy... I came out and he had put her in the Bundleboo. Pretty good job... I think babywearing daddies are HOT HOT HOT...especially mine :)
All of the magnolia trees were blooming... soooo pretty. I have one in my front yard that I look forward to blooming every spring.
The kids had a great time... they still seem a little off. Max was wound up like he was trying to release all the pent up energy from the last Its always fun to watch there reactions and hear there curious questions. We will probably take another trip soon.


Drea said...

new bundleboo :-) great pics, zoos are so fun.

Madeline said...

Glad y'all are well! Looks like a fabulous day!

Allison said...

Priceless! Great pics. Good luck with everything.