Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Playing catch up...Adventures in Baby Sign Language week 9

This is a long video, the first half of it is Lucy's first taste of Icecream... typical dinner scene. She was demanding and hilarious. Katy stole this weeks signing show... this was done about a week ago just before everyone in the house came down with Ebola. Katy is doing really well with the signing... so well that that we've made several trips to the library just to feed her interest in it. Lucy...ahem...the one I started this for is also catching on nicely. I keep meaning to get her in a video but she is at this "sorry! to busy to chat!" stage. Sooner or later I'm sure.

Here is a cute clip of the flubber we made around the same time. Its really fun you should try it!

I have been following Lisa at Adventures in Parenting, she has started a workout renegade over at her blog. I am inspired to get back into some shape that doesn't resemble the flubber in the video above. Now, to be fair...I don't really have a weight issue. Yes I am quite a bit heavier than my teenage years...grant it, I was waaaay to skinny as a teenager and frankly I think I look better with a little bit of curves. BUT... everything is going south...I mean...literally. Oh common, I mean who mommy body doesn't sag a little after having 3 babies?!? So, I've recruited one of my friends to do a work out program with me to help bounce back a little. (ha, we'll see how long this lasts :) no seriously, I think that if I have a whine buddy to do this with we might get something accomplished. My victim is Sarah over at three blonds and a cabinet salesman. She lives a few houses from me and has become one of my closest friends over the last year. She has two adorable little girls and really witty sense of her!!! She is also fairly new to the blogging community so you should go over there and give her a warm welcome. Im not doing a gym membership anymore, I don't think I can commit to one with my kids and schedule...but Im willing to do a home workout program. I LOVED step aerobics when I did go to the gym...any suggestions on a home workout program that you've liked in the past???


Unknown said...

Love Lucy's 'I need moe ice-cream' sounds, lol

Good luck with the exercise. I REAllY need to do something too, argh.... motivation, where art thou.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I loved watching this video of your little one signing today - what fun!

She looks like she's the right age for the new Baby Signs Potty Training Program. Click the link below to see the video and decide if it's right for you:

Linda Easton
Baby Signs, Inc.

Elizabeth Sprague said...

How cute! I love the demanding more ice cream sounds :)

It's great to see your daughter still so interested in signing. My two year old still signs when he's talking to the baby.

Here is a video of my youngest signing; you can see he is also in the "I have better things to do " stage.