Saturday, March 14, 2009

Give them the benefit of the doubt!

I was putting the dishes away tonight thinking of a conversation my husband and I had earlier in the car. He was on the phone with the lady from the bank trying to get me a new check card... the lady went about her usual gambit of security questions... and perhaps more than she needed to. I could see his frustrations rising with her...and then he proceeds to ask this woman if she is playing games with him. Hmmmm... there is something about this that doesn't jive well with my personality.

First and foremost, to Andy's credit I try and understand his perspective of people... being in the line of work that he is. Officers and public services workers are generally exposed to the worst of the worst people on a daily basis...and how do you not become jaded in a sense. When 90% of the people you come across at work...lie to you and try to play mind games with you.

Truly these people are such a minute percentage of our entire population. Its my belief that the average citizen has every best intention to do the right thing. That questionable behavior or poor mood is purely circumstantial. We don't know what kind of day they are having or what had brought them to this point in there lives. You know, I believe in laws and the justice system...I believe in my husband and what he does for the community. It makes me feel safe to know that we are protected by our fellow service men...and they uphold the law to maintain order and peace. But I also feel that a large percentage of people that end up in jail are still good people...good people, who got caught up in bad circumstances...bad choices doesn't mean...bad people. Its up to God to decide that persons eternal classification.

What I'm trying to say... lol... geeze... you will encounter people in your lives that aren't pleasant, make bad choices, lack communication in the means that you can understand. It doesn't mean that this person is trying to deliberately hurt or defy you...(that is a very self centered perspective of others.). I know that there is evil out there... I'm not oblivious to it. I just feel that we can better serve our purpose in life... by not fighting negative with negative..."two wrongs doesn't make a right.." and giving the gift of "benefit of the doubt" helps keep the feeling of trust and closeness in the community. Plus being kind feels so much better than being angry :)

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