Saturday, March 7, 2009

(almost)A Week in Review

So Im back, I cannot believe what a disaster my house was... yes I made myself a mommy todo list 2 pages long...and vowed that I would behave until a reasonable amount of it was done. I even put a sign on my office door to myself that said "STOP go back and work on your list" As with many multiple child households laundry was the biggest tackle. I HATE LAUNDRY!!! But its in my "job description" as a stay at home mommy....whatever that is. Mom, I know what you're thinking... and yes my clothing situation was out of control again. Not for hoarding issues, but because all children right now are in between sizes. So we have double the clothes. This situation is coming to a close...(clothes...hahahaha get it??...I know im dumb) I tried to increase the px size so you can see the image better...didn't turn out great but here is a before and after shot of the girls room. The laundry baskets were all clean clothes that needed to be put away.
This was my sweet helper for the afternoon...
Then of course I had to remedy the dirty laundry situation and while I was at it...clean the laundry room. What a difference huh??
I still have quite a bit to do...a mommy's job is never truely done...but at least my family doesn't have to revert to nudism to get there point acrossed that something needed to happen soon.
So what happened while I was on blog vacation?? Lucy got her 4 top teeth in finally. Thank goodness!! Now onto the next Im sure.

Katy has really found an interest in sign language. She has a really REALLY uncanny knack of remembering signs after only being told once. I have to usually reference with her If I forget. I tried to do a video tonight but Katy was in a really foul mood. ICK...she is gracing 3's very much like her big brother did. Who ever came up with terrible twos must have been a spectator. 3's are FAR worse!

And Max, well....

Just kidding, hes been great! I really see a difference in his overall attitude. I think he just decided to quit and pass the baton to Katy. Thanks buddy!


Madeline said...

Glad you were able to start getting things in order! It is such a relief when things start getting marked off the to do list. The pictures are so precious.

Rebekah Gonzalez said...

awwww thanks! it is a relief however I was looking around the house today and it doesn't seem like anything has changed. Now I need to catch up on everyone elses blogs. I miss hearing about you guys!!

Sarah said...

love love LOVE the pictures!