Monday, March 16, 2009

A Brand New Day~ Prayer Chain Request

When you awaken in the morning
and see the brightness of the morning sun,
Lock the door on yesterday
and throw away the key.
For God has given you a brand new day,
Another day of love and laughter.
Seize each moment before it flies away,
For sweeter than the fragrant flower is each precious golden hour.
Make today your best day,
The power is yours alone.
Make today the happiest and the best you've ever known.
Yesterday is gone, as in a dream,
Tomorrow is a vision still unseen.
Today is yours to live,
It's treasures you can use.
It can be your best day,
It's up to you to choose!
~Author Unknown~
Please say this prayer with me, today.
Dear Lord, please lay your healing hands on her body and mind. Allow her peace to accept and embrace today as if it were her best day. Walk with her dear lord, and guide her faith on this journey that only you know. Please God, help put her restless mind at ease so that she may focus on today only. She is in your hands lord, enhance her spirit so that she may endure what will pass.
God, I pray for her family. Help them to lift her stay seize the day.
I also pray that you guide the doctors hands this week as they journey into this unknown. That they successfully remove this intruder from her body. Thank you lord, in Jesus name I pray...amen.
This is a prayer that I've written for someone very very close to me. Out of respect I have promised not to name names. But, I was hoping you could help me with a prayer chain...I want to lift her up higher than ever.


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Madeline said...

What a beautiful prayer! I will certainly be praying for your friend.

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful daughter and friend...

Anonymous said...

The power of prayer! :)

Everyone I passed that prayer to loved it.