Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Isn't this cool...or am I just crazy?...Storytime

volcanic eruption

Okay so I know I haven't posted in a few days...and then I come up with this weirdness. I had to take a picture of this looks like an island eruption with a bird flying next to it. I don't know.

It was such a beautiful day today... we couldn't have asked for prettier weather. I had a massive amount of errands to run today. Got the girls out of the house while Andy got some rest...its his turn to be sick this week. Bronchitis....sorry sweetie :(

Katy, Lucy and I went to story time at the library this morning and got out of Andy's hair. The woman that does the story's here is AMAZING!!...she really has a gift for affecting small children with her story telling abilities...shes high energy, animated, fun, whimsical... I love her. The kids sing, dance and jump around. And some home schooled sisters volunteer to do a puppet show and demonstrated some classical dance and ballet moves. Soooooo adorable. Katy was in AWE, when she saw the little girl twirling on her toe shoes. Katy has been walking on her toes all day today. My mother and grandmother are gifting Katy ballet and tap classes starting in the fall...she talks about being a ballerina all the time. Who made this girly girl???

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Drea said...

i think its a really cool pic :) nice bokeh