Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Total Tea-saster

So I was a little lax with Katy today... I told her to play quietly with her toys or watch a program on TV while I got some work done on the computer. Not 10 minutes into working Katy comes into my office demanding something to drink. I told her that I would be in to get her a drink in 5 minutes. I sent her upstairs to find her sippy cup...(rule number 1: you may not get a drink refill unless you have at least attempted to find your first sippy cup.) Sooooo... I lost track of time. 20 minutes go by and I realize that its exceptionally quiet in the house. So I go looking Ro-Burger... Expecting her to be coloring on the walls or something fun like that. NOPE... Katy has decided that her drink of choice for the after noon is sweet-tea and Ms "I can do it all by myself" made quite the adventure out of it...all over my living room. I mean ALL OVER my living room. This .5 gallon jug was half full this morning. It seemed as if she could not get every drop she shook it spraying sweet tea drops everywhere.

The carpets, the walls, the toys, couches, name it... it drank sweet tea this afternoon. The jug that was made already was poured on the carpet downstairs... I didn't find that until later today. For some reason she wanted Oatmeal with her sweet tea... I never did find the container... but it sure did have a tar and feather effect on everything. LOL....I love you Katy-Ro!!!


Andrea said...

Oh no!!! I guess that added a bit of extra work to your day! But it'll make for a good story to tell later on I'm sure! :)

Elizabeth F. said...

You are much calmer about that than I would have been. Good for you! I might have freaked out. he..he..

Rebekah Gonzalez said...

I have a steam cleaner... I saw the expression on her face when she was caught...I don't think she honestly knew that she was doing anything wrong.