Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Brain Game

So I was spending some one on one time with Max yesterday...regretfully we don't get to do that very often these days. I sat outside pushing Lucy on the swing while Max started his regular barrage of questions...I love those questions BTW.

I decided I would play a little educational game with him... I asked Max to hold up his hand and wiggle his fingers. And he I said.."Wow, that's really neat! How did you do that Max?" he proudly held up his hand and did it again..."like this mommy!" ..."I see, but can you tell me HOW you can move your fingers like that? Max, think about it...what makes your fingers move?" So Max, looks at his hand and inspects it...turns it over...wiggles some more. "bones!" he said proudly. "That's right Max! But what moves your bones?" "Muscles!" He adds proudly again... "Perfect Max, you are so smart...but what moves your muscles... this is really cooool...can you guess?" ... he gets excited... "tell me mommy, tell me!" .... "YOUR BRAIN!!!" ... "Do you know where your brain lives???" he puts his hands on his head..."That's right! Your brain is in your head and it talks to the rest of your body telling your other parts what to wiggle your fingers." He was amazed!

I explained that his brain was responsible for dreams, thoughts and memories. He asked me what was a thought and memory. I covered his eyes and told him to tell me what color Ms. Anne's (his teacher) shirt was this morning. He said "BLUE!" ... "Great Max...that's a memory!" "Do you see Ms. Anne behind your eye lids??? Is she smiling at you?" .... "Yes! There she is!" he said... "That's a thought Max...isn't this fun?"

We did this for an hour in the back yard... I prompted adventures in his head by encouraging imagination... "Look Max, you have wings!!! Now jump up and fly like a bee!"


Andrea said...

that is an awesome game! Love it!! I'm totally going to remember that one for when Tate gets older!

Madeline said...

What a great game! I'll have to keep that one in mind.