Monday, October 13, 2008

Disturbing Politics

I have to be honest and say that up until this point I truly wasn't sure who I was voting for this election. I am a republican by heart, but recent debates have left me hanging in the air...up until now. I agree with Mom4life (a recent fav on my blog list) Heather that politics isn't something I normally tread upon socially...but somethings need to be shouted out about ...CHECK THIS OUT!

If you are revved up about the infacide check out the other link Mom4life posted with this one. Gods word taken out of context.


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Drea said...

wow thats horrible!
Im for McCain... although I dont know about either candidate.... completely..but...

Obama... mmm... well I wont even touch on the subject you just shared cause I may ruin my witness LOL but lets just say every life that is killed he will answer for!

Ive been listening to radio stations lately... talking about the laws Obama will agree on to change the constitution and what no about homosexual marriage... and its scary!

If homosexual marriage becomes legal in the US my husband could go to jail!

My husband preaches occasionally on homosexuality and we obviously do not agree with it.. we do not hate or think less of a homosexual... our sin is no less than their sin... but we cannot just ignore their sin and accept it just so we dont look "narrow minded."
The bibles so clear on it... and any way... because of this if Obama wins and the constitution is changed... the US will change in a way that isnt for the better... So many fine men of God will go to jail and leave their families... all because a man wanted to support something... rather than just stay neutral and let things be.

Its so sad!