Friday, October 10, 2008

Co-Sleeping with a puker

I have found extreme value with infant co-sleeping...all three of my children have slept in my bed until they were mature enough to sleep thru the night. People ask me all the time "is your baby sleeping thru the night"...whats with that question? Why is it so important that people have to know and ask everyone they see with a baby? Well, I have found that with co-sleeping I can honestly say... I don't know. At 5 months Lucy seeks out what she needs as long as I have it freely available to her...insincts are an amazing thing. I think at some point in the night I may roll over to equalize the emptying process...otherwise I end up with one rock hard boob and a sad floppy deflated one. Not pretty. Anyway, after co-sleeping with katy I discovered the "humanity family bed" what a genius idea!!! I've never had a baby fall out of my bed...but there was always the extra cautious worry. My husband sleeps like the dead, and I've had to stop him from rolling onto the baby at least once or twice. So now I sleep with the babies on the outside of the bed away from him... I saw this on Mom4Life and decided it was a must have for co-sleeping...especially in my circumstance where I am the only alert parent in the bed.

This awesome creation is all organic, crevice free, and super absorbent. I don't know about you other nursing co-sleepers but there is nothing worse than leaking breast milk onto your sheets then having to sleep on a cold wet spot for the rest of the night. Even a towel has a milk capacity limit :) To make things even more interesting during the night...Lucy has reflux...yuck, yuck, yuck. Let me tell you tho, I don't feel wet at all on this family bed....even right after she pukes it just sucks it up like a big sponge and whala... no cold wet spot. Its machine washable...I LOVE this thing!


Mom 4 Life said...

Cool! I am so glad you like your Humanity Bed:). Enjoy your nights together:).

Danielle said...

That is awesome. I am going to go check it out.

Drea said...

That thing looks neat!! Very fun. With Caleb he was sleeping 8 hours at night by a week old.. he loved to eat and was a big baby... so he took right to sleeping..

Taite on the other hand wasnt like this.. and woke up like twice for months. So we kept him in our bed or right beside in a packnplay. I kept him in our room til he was 5 months.. then right out side our room in the living room til he was like 6 mo. Then he was good to sleep in his own room.

My husband doesnt like co-sleeping tho... so I do respect him in that aspect and atleast let the baby sleep on my side so he isnt in the way of his sleep space :-)
May have to invest in one of those the 3rd time around!

Madeline said...

Nice! Wish I'd known about that when I was having to wake up and change sheets constantly either due to me leaking or my sweet baby puking all over them.