Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Signature coming this week...NEED YOUR HELP :)

We had such a busy weekend... Great Kids Expo hosted a consumer show in Chantilly VA tons of fun...met a lot of new mommies!(...as soon as I find my darn camera I will post pics of our booth.) We got to use our new banner...hopefully we can afford the other two soon :)

The above swatch is of the new chocolate lollipop design to pair with chocolate side panels. Really super cute, I hope it does as well as the DAMASK bundleboo.

I really need your feed back on this...Lisa and I are considering cutting the classics out of our wholesale line and offering only the new bundleboo designs and signature line (for stores). This will allow us to offer our direct customers a classic (basic) bundleboo at a DEEPLY discounted rate. As consumers...(be reasonable) what would be your price cutt offs...and what do you think Classic Bundleboo should be listed at?

I have added a poll in the upper left row...thank you so much!


KaylaColton said...

Hi Becky Its Tiffany! I look at the blog like every couple days. I wanted to tell you I love the new color and disign. Give me a call this week when you can. I have some ideas!!


Drea said...

Hi Becky,
Im patiently waiting those pics :-)

As far as cost..
I dont know.. cause I dont know how much you all would make off one.. So its hard to judge.

I love the classic bundleboos tho.. The girl who modeled for me that was pregnant preferred the navy coloring but the signatures seat more.. she felt it was more secure than the classic.. But I on the other hand prefer classic. Weird huh?

Maybe cause Im use to wraps. I do like that the signature seat feels larger... but that may just be because Taites so BIG!!

Not sure if I helped any :-)

Rebekah Gonzalez said...

awesome...keep the feedback coming! I really appreciate it! Tiffany...shoot me a phone call this week, I can never seem to get on the phone when I want to...its better that you try and call...cant wait to hear your ideas!

Drea, I really think you'll like the new seat if you prefer the feel of the signature! Sooooo excited for you to try it out. I may do a giveaway when the new designs come in... I am going to run a contest to name the new line. IE: "mother earth" by Bundleboo... something along those lines. Keep a look out for the contest posting.

Madeline said...

Love the fabric. Very pretty.

Andrea said...

Hmmm...I've never tried a Bundleboo...although I'd love to! :) So I guess I can't give you too much advice...except that for us, the cheaper the carrier is, the more likely I am to buy it. haha. :)