Tuesday, October 7, 2008

For Laughing Out Loud

Little Lucy finally laughed out loud!!! I have been a total idiot over the last few months trying to make her giggle. Its amazing what we will do to put a smile on our kids faces. Even public displays of giggle attempts haven't been short of a scene :) These pics were taken at the park today... her first laugh was actually on Saturday at my parents house. She had just puked all over herself for the 10th time that day and I was tired of smelling rotten milk...so I put her in my moms monster tub with a little bit of shallow water on the bottom. She was kicking and cooing...Lucy LOVES her baths. I flipped my hair and growled "mama" at her. She must have thought that was hysterical because finally the laughs broke loose. Woohooo!!

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Unknown said...

she is sooo cute! I wore the organic bundleboo today w/ caleb and taite. just to practice some new tying techniques :-) im glad you sent the dvd because i had forgotten all you can do with it. I had fun. I have a shoot scheduled for Saturday w/ a pregnant mom! Should be fun. She has a 1 yr old she will wear in it.

And then monday I have the shoot planned for the twins.