Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why babywearing rocks (1) ~ 4 wheel vacuuming

How do you get your dishes done with a needy baby???

I remember a day in age when I got up an extra 45 minutes early everyday to shower...put on my hair. I cared what other people thought of my appearance. I could NEVER in a million years imagine that I would be running around in my two day old jammies... publishing my "mommy butt" on YouTube.


Danielle said...

yay! I love to do stuff with E on my back...and she enjoyes it too!

Lil mama Karen said...

I love your blog. It remind me that the crazy stuff that I do to keep my little man happy are not crazy it is just the norm. I do the dishes and vacuum with a baby on my back if I get around to doing it.

Drea said...

ur nuts :-) lucy is so cute on your back just checking things out.

Ow and I do my sippy cups the same way!!! if I dont put them inside the cup I put them in the silverware drawer. It depends on my mood. HAh.

Love the videos tho.
Very fun

Stacey said...

That was fun to watch :) Babywearing is totally a sanity saver!