Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Help I'm Knitting!...SpiderMax...Get it together Beck!

This crazy craft should be called "self medicating with yarn"...it was theraputic...now its becoming sort of an obsession. I wonder if I don't have a touch of OCD...hmm.

Anyway, I went to JoAnns last night to pick up more yarn and decided to buy some knitting needles also... I love the look of knit...less bumpy and more organized that crochet. I youtube'd knitting basics and got started. I am a lefty by heart...but because I'm a weirdo... (God made me skill challenged by giving me the "ambidextrous" gift.) I have to try doing things (like Knitting and crochet), with both hands to see what feels right.

This is what I got done once I was able to figure out the basics...and get the "feel" of this craft. However its not turning out how I thought It would...PLEASE suggestions!

Other fun things to do with yarn include...making a "SpiderMax" web on your outdoor play set...I got tired of him climbing on furniture today so I gave him at load of yarn...bundled him up and kicked his hyper butt out the back door...of course he insisted that he wear his spidy jams over his clothes...what a goof!

I feel myself making this face more often than not recently. I had a rough morning with the kids today...and I had to see what my kids were seeing...not pretty...nope...not at all. (sigh) I just don't feel like a good mom these days...I am having such a hard time dealing with this funk that I am in... goodness, yesterday the first thing out of my mouth was... "I'm so tired, I don't feel like being a mom today...all I want to do is sleep." I am so desperate for ME time... that I stay up WAAAAY too late cramming as much alone time as I can before I'm called to snuggle someone...or breastfeed... so In addition to this seasonal depression I've exhausted myself trying to help myself feel better...does that make sense??? Andy yesterday, said "OMG, Becky put some eye drops in you're scaring me!"

What do you do to stay above water????


Madeline said...

Ahh..knitting..it's terribly addictive. As for getting it to turn out right, for me it just took a whole lot of practice. I'm still not the knitting guru, but I do enjoy it--A LOT.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who stays up to dreadful hours trying to squeeze in me time-knitting, reading, sewing, praying. It's certainly hard to feel like you've got your act together once you hit mommyland. Especially if you're trying to stay at home and work at home. It's enough to make a girl wanna pull her hair out. Good luck to you!

Sarah said...

I can SO relate to this! It's like you know you should be sleeping, but it just feels so good to have alone time and uninterrupted thoughts that you have to stay up for at least several hours after the kids go to bed. Then when you're shot out of a cannon the next morning at 6am you're kicking yourself because you stayed up til midnight! :)
The craziest thing about being a stay at home mom is that we all feel alone, yet we're all in the same boat.
Just drag your lazy butt next door. We have suckers.....and coffee :)

Anonymous said...

I found my way here through youtube, and I got to play your knitting video a couple times, and now its not playing for me anymore. :-/

Im not a knitting pro, but I've been knitting for quite sometime. I was trying to recreate the way that you were knitting and failed.

The only thing that I noticed that you were doing differently than what I would normally do is, it looks like you're putting the free needle between the two stitches. (Kinda like a cable cast on) Whereas when I knit, I put the free needle between the two threads of one stitch.

I can't 100% say this will solve your problem, but I hope it helps in someway.

This is what you're doing:

This is what I do:

Im using the previous picture to better show you what area I put the needle through:


A knitting tip I kinda came across that is really helpful for beginners is to always watch where your free thread is. When you're knitting your free needle comes up from the bottom, and your thread is wrapping around from the back.

When you're purling, you come up through the top and your thread is in the front. You'll see what I mean with practice. I found when I first started knitting I wasn't really paying much attention to where the free thread was, so I kept on creating more stitches, so my scarves would be kinda lop-sided in the end.

That loopy thing you saw at the beginning of your video is the stitch from the previous row. You did the right thing by kinda shifting it back. :)

If this is too confusing, feel free to email. jess@mayadreamstudio.com :)