Saturday, November 15, 2008

DIY~Recycled EC pants

A friend brought over some clothes that she no longer wanted...and I was able to make a pair of split crotch pants from a turtle neck...I cut off the arms to use as legs and used the neck of the shirt as a waist band... as you can see its a little big on Lucy...but she'll grow into it soon. I think I'm going to be making a lot more recycled alternative baby items...this is fun!!!
The idea to do this myself came from this blog although they demonstrate doing it from whole fabric...its possible to improvise a little as you can see.


Drea said...

What a fun idea!

Andrea said...

That is such a cool idea...I'd never have thought of that! But i love it. :)

nicóle said...

Soooooo Coool!!! What a great way to reuse something!