Friday, November 28, 2008

"I want to do it!!!" Haircut

When its too quiet...I get scared
I had not heard fighting coming from the playroom this morning...which is not normal for my two. I went in to check out the action and Max and Katy were giving her barbie a haircut... at some point she had turned the scissors on her own hair. UGH...she has been hinting at this for weeks since her professional haircut...the "I wannta doit myseeeelf"... no Katy-Ro not a good idea...anyway...its not tooo bad...a big chunk on the top is missing (this was last nights pic btw) She wont sit still for a "haircut" pic...however you should see the doll if I can find it! LOL :) I'll post later after I find that doll.

What disastrous things have YOUR children done to themselves???


Madeline said...

Ha! That reminds me of my sister who cut her own hair right before family picture time. My mom also tells the story of walking in on me powdering my bear. The entire bathroom and I were also covered in powder. All she could do was laugh.

Andrea said...

haha...what a beauuuuutiful haircut that dolly got! ;)