Friday, November 7, 2008

More Milk Please!...Extended Nursing?

I have never really had an issue with low milk supply...except toward the end of the day. I hear that's pretty normal but I always feel guilty watching my babies work extra hard for every last little drop before I put them down for the night. I find myself tempted sometimes to give them a bottle just to help satisfy them (knowing full well that doing so is a complete contraindication to my overall supply)

Today a friend of mine offered me some "Organic Mother's milk" a kind gesture during a play date at her house...and she sent me home with a handful of teabags. I gratefully accepted and did not think anything of it again until my infant gulped herself to sleep tonight. (for the first time in months I might add!) I had a full supply of milk this evening, with nothing different done other than a cup of this yummy tea around 1pm this afternoon.

I must say that I am still skeptical...could one cup really work such magic??? I will have another cup tomorrow afternoon around the same time and see if still yields the same results.

On the topic of nursing, I have put a lot of thought into the "how long??" question. I feel my first two quit me long before I was truly ready. Max was almost 14 months and Katy was 13 months when they moved on to the sippy cup and left me high and dry...I felt myself really missing the experience.

It always seems to be a tough topic to share with most. There are so many strong opinions on whats really best...and when to say "enough is enough". One comment I've heard often as a spectator is. "that's disgusting, when they can pull your shirt up and get it themselves...its time to call it quits!"

WHY???? It makes it hard for a woman to have this extended and completely natural experience with her child when almost everyone who encounters you doing it will shun you like a child molester. Not even close people!

I am not a nipple Nazi and certainly respect that mothers have there personal cutoffs. I for one don't have a set number in my head for when I will wean my child and I embrace being able to hold on to that special nurturing tool for as long as I can. And I hope to find acceptance as I go on this nursing journey.

Do you have a nursing cutoff? If so, please tell me why :)


Wendy said...

Thanks for commenting over on my blog! I love meeting new bloggers:) I nursed my 2 year old daughter until she was done. At 17 months old she just decided to tell me no when I went to nurse her before bed. It was a shock and I just looked at her like, WHAT?. Then I kind of laughed and cried. Ever done that? It was harder for me to stop than it was for Lani. So, I never had a cut off date, but I guess Lani did:)

Madeline said...

I say nurse as long as mama and baby want to. I'd like to nurse mine for at least 2 years, and wouldn't mind going a year or two beyond that. It's up to him though. I do think in this day and age the older your nursing child gets the more discreet about nursing you have to be. There are too many people with perverted ideas about nursing. It's really sad that something so natural can be made out to be so devious.

Andrea said...

I don't have a cut off date so far for this baby - the ONLY reason that I stopped nursing my first baby at 1 year was because I couldn't get pregnant when I was nursing - not even if I only nursed ONE time in 24 hours. I had to completely stop...and we REALLY wanted to have our 2 kids closer together. But if it wouldn't have been for that I would definitely have nursed for MUCH longer!! We'll see how this one goes...I may have a cut off date again if I can't get pregnant while nursing, since we want our kids to all be fairly close together in age....but we will see. Good for you for wanting to nurse your baby longer though!!!

Stacey said...

With Rowan (my first born, who is now 3) I never had a good nursing experience. He was way too aggressive, and I never enjoyed it. I think we came to a mutual decision at 10 months to call it quits. My goal had been a year though.

With Bria, I had no expectations or plans, since I really only barely tolerated nursing Rowan. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a bit easier this time. Again, I decided to try for at least a year. We made it to almost 13 months when Bria self-weaned. It was a sad and happy time all at once. I was glad to have my body back to myself, but I missed the closeness. I still snuggle and hold her close when she has her bottle though :)

nicóle said...

When I was nursing this worked wonders, as did Fenugeek.

Renee Shaw said...

Hi there, I found your blog through Drea. With both of my kids I had to stop fairly early because of situations going on in our life at the time. With Preston (he'll be 3 in Jan) I quite at 2 months because of a certain med my doc gave me. With Isabella (20 mon) I stopped at 4.5 months because of stressfull circumstances going on at the made me sick and then my milk really slowed down. I tried everything I knew, talked to a bunch of people, to get it going again...bought a pump and pumped all day! haha Nothing worked to bring it up again, so I had to stop. I had wanted to go at least 6 months, but I was at peace about it, cause I didn't like seeing my daughter hungry. In my opinion nursing past like 2 is too long! My opinion might change next time if I have success with nursing, so that will be fine, but as of right now, I don't see the physical benefit to nursing a 3 year old! Personally I wouldn't nurse much past a year, but like I said that opinion might change too once I have more success with it next time :) Blessings, I like your blog I will prob visit again! :)