Friday, November 21, 2008

3 under DO you DO it????

The living room is our "get ready" zone...the kids are not allowed to do ANYTHING...except pee... until they are dressed in the AM. This is usually only implemented on days that Max has preschool. Max can pretty much get himself ready, but he needs to stand next to me so that I make sure he completes the task.

I am NOT at all a morning person, so the less conflict obviously the better mood I am in...and the less yelling I do. Our day usually starts at 7:45-8ish... I pick the kids clothes out as I wake them up... and herd them into the living room... one by one I help get them dressed.... then its breakfast... usually oatmeal, cereal, yogurt and bagel... if I'm feeling really adventurous... I will make eggs and pancakes on a school morning. I don't primp my hair is never done... I wash faces and get socks, shoes and coats on. Then they sit...ha...all bundled up while I get Max's lunch ready. at 8:40 I get Lucy packed up in her car seat... give everyone something to carry and we go out to the car. The kids can let themselves in... and I snap seat belts.

At Max's school... Lucy usually goes on my back in the Boo... Max has his back pack and Katy-ro carries the lunch sack... truly the mornings are the most complicated part of the day... Sooooo... that's really how I do it...


Madeline said...

Sounds like you've got that routine down pat! And I think I have trouble getting one babe out the door.
Just got my bundleboo in, and I'm loving playing around with it. I'll take pics tomorrow and post the review sometime next week.

Drea said...

I never wash the boys faces lol.. yikes. :-) They take baths most days tho.. cause they have the worlds stinkiest feet!!!
Even Taite Burger.

I normally let them lounge in Jammies til mid day.. unless we have something to do. But we do use our living room or their room to get dressed. They have the largest bedroom in the house.. so its a good space to get dressed.

Their clothes are ready to go for sunday mornings tho :) cause thats always a rush.