Monday, November 17, 2008

"Miss Sassy Pants" ~ more DIY recycled baby!

More recycled clothing turned into fun baby items. I made these "Sassy Pants" (not sure why I'm calling them that...thought it was a cute name) from a super soft ribbed knit T-shirt. The applique was made from using old Bundleboo leg holes. It has a long waist so It fits a little saggy at the butt...but I did that purposely because I think its cute. I left some "raw" edges on the applique for a more vintage look after washing a few times.

The drawstring waist was a last minute decision... I like the way it looks and fits both Katy and Lucy with easy adjusting. They are also really cute with a pair of baby legwarmers :)


Madeline said...

Too cute! Your sewing machine must be going non-stop!

Drea said...

verrry cute!