Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet Sunday ~ Family time

(this picture is of 5 generations of women in my family)
Sunday dinners with the family are sacred...whether it be with Nana, Papa and GiGi or Gamma...its something that I hold dear and look so forward to every weekend. Today was extra special because now we have a new family member...congrats Joe and Allie (My brother and his wonderful girlfriend)! Welcome little Joeseph Ernesto (Joey)!!! He's soooo freckin adorable... (I'm sad that I don't have a picture to post of him yet)

We have a relatively small three up until the birth of little Joey were the only children in this generation. I knew that I would love a little nephew...but its amazing to me how the birth of a child changes the entire feel of a family. I feel closer to my brother that I ever have before...Joe and I are 6 years apart and never really got close. It was like a switch flipped in him the second that baby was born... when people say that a baby will change you... they aren't kidding. I see that little baby and I feel the same level of love that I do my with my own children...(is that possible....I guess so 'cause I'm feeling it) perhaps because I know in some branched off way he is a piece of me too... or perhaps because my heart swells to see my little brother growing up before my eyes... and in a nine month span the birth of little Joey has once and for all closed that 6 year gap between my brother and I ... now we are on the same playing field. Its weird.

Now that the kids are getting a bit older I actually have time to sit and talk on Sundays...which make this trip even more enjoyable for me. "GiGi" my grandmother has lived with my parents for the last ... oh gosh... 15+ years... and before that she spent alot of time watching my brother and I while my mom worked and my dad went to OTS (officer training school)... (GiGi...I know you're reading this... you are very special to me xoxoxoxo :) I feel really blessed that she has passed down the "crafty bug" to me and now I am suffering from the same addiction that she and my mother :) GiGi, is a life long pro at needlework...and after a really good lesson at crocheting today she handed down this book...

("Good Housekeeping's complete book of needlecraft")

How totally cool is this!!!! Published in 1959 it was guide to help teach my grandmother her craft...while my toddler mother colored on the pages. Its really a good book... at 2:00am I should be in bed but I had to master this shell crochet technique... Ugh this is going to be bad! lol... thank you GiGi!

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nicóle said...

I think that's so awesome that you are able to come together with your family on a regular basis. Oh, I have a brother Joe too, he's also 6 years my junior. I have a Gigi in my fam too, but she's my aunt. I'm responsible for giving her the nickname as I couldn't pronouce her real name.
That book is sooo cool! I love old books, esp when they're passed down!