Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kitty Guilt

So, I am feeling really bad about this...but...we have to get rid of Terry the cat. We got him about 3 months ago as an older kitten at the SPCA he is a super fun loving and playful cat, but he has started Peeing on EVERYTHING in the house...EVERYTHING! OM goodness I am going out of my mind trying to clean things that have been marked by him (cat pee is so nasty smelling if you don't own a cat have have never had the opportunity to put your face into something that has been graced by a cat shower)...and some of the things were so saturated I've had to throw them out. I'm not a materialistic person and I am not attached to my things, but I am practical and doing an extra 2 loads of laundry everyday to keep the stink of kitty ammonia down to below tear level is beyond my sane capacity. I am taking him back to the SPCA tomorrow...I am sure he will find a good home and I know they have a high adopt rate and a very low kill rate. I wish I could say that they were no kill.... they told us that if we had a problem with them that we must bring Terry back to them. The true guilt is coming from the fact that we have adopted out 2 other cats that had the same problem in the last 2 years... I had to think that there might still be the smell of OLD cat urine on certain things in the house to cause the perpetual behavior problem...but he is peeing on brand new and clean items. I dunno, I think that cat adoption is out of the question for us for quite sometime after this.

What am I going to tell Max and Katy?????? My heart breaks to think of how disappointed they are going to be.

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Drea said...

That is hard.. we're int he same boat w/ dinah.. but w/ fleas.
My moms cat had a bladder infection and began peeing all over the place.. like he couldnt help it.. she would give him water in a medicine dropper and it seemed to help.. but ultimately they had to put him outside ...