Thursday, August 13, 2009

salad dressing or facial cleanser?

whats the title of this photo??

As a teenager I could have never imaged in a million years putting oil on my face... I wanted it all gone. My face needed to be so squeaky clean and tight feeling that it felt like I was wearing a mud mask. That was the indicator that I've successfully rid myself of all this hateful oil. Little did I know at the time that stripping my skin of this oil was not only not helping my breakout was making it worse. I learned later on that...depriving your skin of its natural surfactant causes it to go into overload producing more to protect itself. I've also learned that oil it itself does not cause breakouts... dirt, bacteria, hormones and other genetic and enviornmental factors...many of which are completely out of our control do.

Anyway, 10 years later I've come full circle... oil is now becoming my friend... as my skin has matured I'm starting to crave a texture on my skin that can't be confused as a beach. And as I've become more environmental and health conscious naturally I look for a safe and healthy alternative to my usual over the counter chemical beauty regimen. I'm starting to take the philosophy that if I cant pronounce it my body probably doesn't need it. To be honest I cant remember where I first heard about using olive oil on my skin...but looking for an alternative to the dryness and texture problem Ive been having I went online and started researching. Now I'm sure you know that skins best friend is water... so there really isn't any better alternative to moisture than drinking the recommended amounts of water everyday. (something by the way i am terrible at remembering to do)... once you get the water in there... you add a surfactant to protect and smooth the skin...keeping the moisture in. Olive Oil is a fantastic it has loads of antioxidants that help rid your skin cells of free radicals that cause environmental skin problems. Vinegar is a natural toner and cleanser..helping to rid your skin of harmful bacteria that hide in pores causing those nasty breakouts (skin infections). Sugar is a really excellent exfoliant removing dead skin cells, promoting circulation and regrowth of fresh new surface cells. I have been using this regimen for about a week now and I can see a dramatic difference in the texture of my skin... now if I can only remember to drink the water everyday and I'll be in good shape.


Lil mama Karen said...

I love the post. I have been in some need of some good skin tips. Since I found out I am prego again my face has gotten bad fast. I have been using tree tea oil for a while now but the smell makes me sick. For a while I was rubbing olive oil on my strech marks but I realized that they are hopless. I never thought to put it on my face.

Michele said...

so... what's the recipe?

Allison said...

I love using olive oil!! Before a shower in a little bowl put either Epsom salt or sea salt and mix with some olive oil then go exfoliate. Your skin will feel wonderful after. (just don't shave your legs before you exfoliate the salt will burn.)

Also Organic coconunt oil is awesome. Apply after a bath or shower you skin will love ya!
Coconut Oil is good for so many things. Try it.

gigi said...

Olive oil is also good to put on your hair helps if you have been in the sun or pool.

nicóle said...

Loved it! Can't say that I've tried olive oil alone - but I think I might.