Monday, August 3, 2009

dog days of ed in elementary school?!?

(the photo is of a client gift I made for someone this past weekend...its a flower pot pen holder... the flowers are all pens...she asked on facebook how to keep people in her office from stealing her pens)

So its been pretty hot and muggy these days. I've been trying to keep the kids inside when it that hot out. We emerge from the den around 5ish and go to bed a tad beat the heat. Tho I know come the winter months I'll be longing for some sweat.

Lucy is walking half the time now... I tried to get a video of it this afternoon but it isn't working.. so I'll get another one tomorrow. They are such awkward drunk looking little creatures when they just start walking. I love it!

Max will be going to the brand new elementary school right around the corner from us. Close enough that in a few years he can ride his bike to school. I have been contemplating letting him ride the bus to school...I've heard such horror stories of what the kids talk about on the bus...what kids learn from each other. I'm just not ready for that level of unsupervised growing up. Plus Katy will be going to preschool 3x a week so it may just be easier to drive Max to school on the way to drop katy off... rather than be late dropping katy off to wait for Max's bus.

Okay so don't get me wrong..I don't need a dose of... your kid is going to hear it anyway.. so why shelter him from it. But...5??? We live in such a mixed society of parenting that its not uncommon in some households for the parents to throw the f-bomb around like its nothing. Or to use fowl and derogatory terms for body parts... not to mention the topic of sex... oh no...don't get me started on that. Whatever, talk like that in front of your kids... but then they get on the bus and teach my children how to talk like that too. So now I have to unteach your nasty bad habits to my child. (okay getting off my soap box) Late elementary school kids are having sex these days... WHAT?!?!? Not to mention the fact..well maybe rumor... we'll have to see... about the school sex ed program not requiring permission slips anymore. Hmm... not good in my book. More reasons to make $$ and put my child in a private school..where parents have more of a hand in what our children are and are not being taught. I'd be all about home schooling... but I'm not :) its not my cup of tea... and I think that my children would certainly benefit more from a scholastic institution... i just don't have a structured bone in my body.

Anyway, off to catch up on some ghost hunters... night everyone!


Michele said...

I agree.. I got on Kevin yesterday n the car while we were driving back from PA, some idiot cut us off, then forgot where the gas pedal was. Well, he had some "choice" words for the person, and I had to remind him, that although she's not speaking now, she definitely will be soon, and can pick up anything he says.

As for homeschooling, I'd love to do it too, but like you, there is nothing structured in my body! LOL We'd get through MAYBE a weel, then it would all fall apart. LOL

Mom said...

the thought of Max getting on a bus makes me feel OLD. So I am all for you driving him to school. :O)

nicóle said...

I'm all w/ ya on the school bus thing. REALLY don't want him riding the bus.

I think five is young to be on a big ole school bus-plus he still is my little boy! He's been watching the school bus come since we've moved and can't wait to ride the darn thing- since we're a one car family at the moment-he just might get his wish!

Anjii said...

I would LOVE to homeschool for the reasons you mentioned and many more, but I also am, shall I say, chaotic?

Rebekah Gonzalez said...

Im nervous about it all!!

Kim said...

I have so experienced this kind of thing lately when my son says "Crap" when he accidently stepped on the edge of a friend's present. Well I was upset and asked where he'd heard that. He said from Colton, a neighborhood boy. My son is 6 and this boy is 10 and a nice kid, but obviously a product of his environment.

As far as homeschooling...LOVE IT!! I have been unofficially homeschooling my son for two years and this year will be our first official year. If you want to do it, don't sell yourself short. It opens up such doors for kids to learn so much more.
As far as don't really need it. Most kids, especially the young ones, need to learn by doing and playing anyway.