Monday, July 6, 2009

a week in bird...preschool

This weeks sum up... first off... happy belated 4th of July everyone! We spent our 4th with Andy's friends... the kids had a blast and we really had a lot of fun... the kids were totally wiped out by the end of the day. The host had tons for the kids to do... swimming, trampoline, 4 wheelers, volleyball... etc, etc. After dark they had a pretty decent home fireworks show and the kids got to use sparklers... fun fun!!

This little bird was found in our yard a few weeks ago... he was much smaller and I really worried that he would be eaten by a neighborhood cat, hit by a car or simply die from not having his mommy and being away from the nest. I had not seem him since that day... an yesterday he came hopping into our garage while Andy and I were outside. He looks like hes been taken care of... still not convinced that the mother was still around I went inside and got him some night crawlers from the refriderator. We fed him a few and Andy insisted that the mother was flying around keeping an eye on him... way. But sure enough... I saw a few other robins in the area and sat and watched. This sweet baby bird...peeped and another bird was digging around frantically looking for bugs... the baby was watching her from about 25 feet away... they chirped back and forth and met in my front yard where she fed the baby and then flew off. WOW.. thats amazing that even tho the baby has not been in the next for atleast 2 weeks that I know of.. she has still managed to take care of him... go mommy bird!

Lucy is soooo close to walking... and is starting to prefer being on her feet over crawling. Any day now, sweet girl!!

Letting the kids really enjoy their childhood...

Max is missing school...asks me about his friends daily and wonders when hes going back. I have been having some battles figuring out if he is ready for kindergarden. Some people say to hold him back if I have any doubts.. some suggest that I should let him try it out and if Its not working for him then I should hold him back..Im still not sure... and the fall is coming fast. Another reason for letting him go forward is Katy is looking forward to preschool and its just too expensive to have both of them in preschool. Does anyone have some helpful advice??

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Sarah said...

is kindergarten full or half day? if it's only 3 or 4 hours, maybe it wouldn't be too bad.