Wednesday, July 15, 2009

never a dull moment

Other than whats on my schedule for photos... the only real set in stone plans we have for the week are library day and baby saturdays. It never fails that when we are ready to head out the door...some force of nature changes things for us. Today it would be fevers. Or fever...(katy ro) everyone else just has runny noses. Can't they create bubble suits for kids to prevent the spread of childhood BLech! Probably not, and I think I might get in some trouble if I wrap my kids in syran wrap.

I have found that over the course of 5 years... well... since I started having children my own immune system has become rock solid. I used to get some wicked disgusting colds that would last over a week. Now I get maybe a few hours of symptoms...then fatigue for a day or so. Not terrible at all... ... i guess it part of my superhero mom abilities.

We are getting better with the nudity in my house. I think the kids are starting to "get it" that they can't walk around outside naked anymore. And I'm sure I've got the message through about not answering the door when someone knocks... oooh...that one was scary.

Lucy is on "mama" strike. Oh oh ... i have to post a video of her signing now... super cute... I would recommend it to anyone life has been so much easier since she can tell me what she wants. Anyway, back to "mama" strike... she is refusing to say mama... she keeps calling me daddy...what the heck?? Why does he get all the credit? Anyway... I really need to get cleaning, my house is a disaster as usual. toodles!

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I am not a fan of the "little" r in front of your signature.