Thursday, May 14, 2009

what a view

what a view, originally uploaded by RGonzalezPHOTOGRAPHY.

I feel my self buzzing around like i've been in hibernation for the last 6 months. Anyone else hibernate when its cold and dark outside? This week we are focused on reclaiming our home. Doing yard work outside... purging the insides... by the way.... I appreciate the imput on the garage sale... you ladies are always a fantastic help! I got an official R.gonzalez website up and running over the last month... see it here... Im sure it still needs tweaking but It better than sending any potential clients to flickr... where they can easily get lost and confused...ha. I haven't figured out where my niche in photography is yet. I see potential angles and images everywhere I look. This ladybug image is just a clean fresh "stock" type image... other days I want to do artsy, funky perspective images. I think as im refining my skills I will eventually come into something consistant. But truely its fair to say that I may never do anything consistantly... those who have faithfully read my blog over the last 10 months know that for sure....haha.

Anyway, nursing is moving along well again. I have completely healed and I am no longer having issues in that department. thank goodness!!!! I appreciate your support pushing me thru that rough spot. Sign language is stlll moving along although I have not posted a new video in weeks. Lucy has also started talking overnight (mind you, still not saying mama....grrrr) She is pointing out facial features and using simple words like "eye" "nose".... the cutest one is "hiiiiiiiii" when we see someone or she is pretending to speak on the phone. So cute.

Katy and Max aren't really doing anything new.... I will say... Katy is becoming quite the girly girl. Every morning she spends atleast 20 minutes battling some decision making about what to wear. Funny the difference between boys and girls. Max at 5 years still can barely manage to dress himself... let alone pick out his own clothes. Katy has a particular taste.. she either wants super frilly dresses... or shirt and pants... but the shirt has to have lots of pink or purple... or some sort of "super de duper... cool picture". haha... there have been a few days where she has worn the same thing twice... just to avoid battles.

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chelle said...

Have you considered selling some of your stock photos on places like iStockphoto? I am not sure what it entails but it may bring in some coin?!?!