Thursday, May 21, 2009

getting ready for travel...Americian Idol

Is this High key??, originally uploaded by RGonzalezPHOTOGRAPHY.

I am looking forward to some new scenery... the kids are really excited about going to the beach and seeing the grandparents...they have been talking about it all week... I have yet to pack for 5 people... for as long as we are going to be gone... I always tend to under pack.... for fear of over doing it and having to haul extra stuff around. Beach trips are a bit different because you get dirty more often with sand and saltwater.

The last time Andy and I took a trip with the kids we ditched the suit cases and gave way to large plastic stackable bins. This was definatly a winner and helped us stay compact and organized. We will be implimenting this idea again for this trip.

I cannot believe that Adam Lambert didn't win this seasons competition!! I wanted chris to win (actually I wanted Danny to win) but I thought that Adam had a shoe in from the very beginning of the season. Still in shock about the end results... perhaps Chris got all of Danny's votes after he was voted off...

I probably wont blog again until next thurday depending on whether I can get my hands on a computer... but I am really looking forward to taking some beach photos. If I don't post... everyone have a great week! HUGS!!


Danielle said...

Have fun! Grreat oidea about the bins. Kris did not deserve to win. Oh well.

Michele said...

have fun at the beach! take lots of pics! (i know you will!) can't wait for you to come back and tell us all about the kids in the 'big sandbox!' =)