Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day!!

I had a wonderful morning.... I hope everyone else did as well! My kids woke me up with cards and smooches and my darling hubby made us all breakfast. Today was our 6 year anniversary as well... I forgot that it was.. Im such a man sometimes.

We will be celebrating 2 birthdays and mother's Day tonight at my parents house. My mom makes the most INCREDIBLE carrot cake with cream cheese icing EVVVEEER!!! The kid will be getting chololate cupcakes with blue icing. The tradition since I was a baby is to have blue icing on your 1st birthday. Why??? because its fun and messy... gotta love traditions. I am inspired by Drea's "caking" photos from a few months ago.. so I may try to get some of mini me... im sure she wont mind since sugar is involved.


chelle said...

Happy celebrating!

Madeline said...

Happy Mother's Day!!