Sunday, September 28, 2008

Momvolution and Carriers

I have officially joined the obsessed world of blogging! My life as a wife, SAH mother, friend and business owner is full of daily adventures, trials and interesting "momvolution" (my new term for mom evolution :). Balancing all of my responsibilities is my biggest challenge...however without the mass amount of insanity I fear that my life would feel dull and meaningless. I have inert desire to give as much of myself as possible.

Andy...the big man to the left is my husband and my best friend. My momvolution has taken its toll on him at times, as he is not a big fan of change. I believe he trusts my instincts and is supportive of my all good intentions...although I don't think that he understands most of them.
Max and Katy-Ro are my two oldest children. Max is 4 and Katy is almost 3. I did breastfeed, babywear and co-sleep with both of them. Of course as a new mommy I took much advise from those who were experienced around me. Which meant initially I had to give into consumerism and "product parenting". I had everything from bouncy seats, strollers, pack and play, exersaucers, floor gyms, jumpers...(wow, looking back seems that the product parenting market was doing as much as they could to keep me from carrying my children.) I will say that thankfully instincts kicked in at some point and thus the momvolution began. (really should say slingvolution)

I owned a baby bijorn with Max and he shortly grew out it... I believe that If I had not followed my instincts to continue carrying him, Max would have been a stroller baby. I continued to breastfeed Max well into a year and then just past...despite the gawks and comments about how he should be on a bottle by now. I found a sling that worked for me the maya wrap was wonderful and enabled me to nurse in public. I was a working mother (EMT-CT) until Katy was born. After being on bed rest and receiving the news that she would need surgery shortly after birth...I then decided to stay at home to care for my kids. That's when the momvolution really began to take place.

I wanted to find an even better carrier to support a breastfeeding cleft affected infant while chasing after a toddler. (pheuf) ... after searching online I found out about ellaroo wrap carriers. With a little practice I quickly found confidence wearing it, and my "wrap carrier" became an essential part of daily living.
Wraps really brought the crunchy mama out of me...LOL. The public certianly had many comments about my "piece of fabric" carrier. Many concerns prompted a change. Thus my business making Bundleboo wrap carriers was born. Babywearing has not just been something fun to do with my truely has become a strong evolution of parenting. IMO babywearing has been the key ingredient to the rest of my attachment parenting practices. Since the birth of our third child Lucy this past May 2008, I have also enforced a "whole living" structure in our family life and daily routine. To include eating whole or Organic Foods, cloth diapering, EC (elimination communication), attachment parenting incorporating positive discipline/conscious parenting techniques and using Alternative (natural) remedies as a first line choice for prophylaxis or treatment. I am excited to publish this blog, in hopes to reach other like minded moms.


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