Friday, June 12, 2009

They Killed Jim AGAIN!!!!!!

Okay so I've not been totally honest about my obsession with Jennifer Love Hewitts Friday show "Ghost Whisperer" ... anyone follow the show?? I am really upset that they killed off Jim AGAIN!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAA???? Darn TIVO.... It cut me off at the end when he tells her that It was an embolism and that he wanted her to remember him right as he is now.... so... blast... I've been trying to find an online version of the show so I can see her reaction at the end... Oh, its a problem.. I know.

The kids and I had a great day today... we met some new friends at the pool between thunderstorms and Max is learning how to ride his bike without training wheels. He is really doing a good job! He frustrates really easily tho.. I have never seen this side of him with any regularity until now. Every time he makes a mistake he gets off of his bike... throws it to the ground... throws his helmet off and storms into the house. Wowza... some drama I'd say. Poor kid is so hard on himself sometimes... and it seems that the more praise we give him... the harder he is on himself when he does make a mistake. I don't want to say that we should stop praising him .. but maybe make it more so that this accomplishment of learning to ride the bicycle is self full filling and not for us.

So I have some good news... I may have booked my first wedding for October... Yaaaah!!! ...and I have started getting bookings for baby and family portraits. Word of mouth is such an amazing thing isn't it??? Whodathunk 5 years ago that this career path was even in my future. Now to get bundleboo back on the right track.
(the above photo recently won a contest challenge on Digital Grin... this was taken at my parents house before doing a 4 generation of men photo for my family. In my grandfathers glasses you can see my father and brother... 3 generations. It was a surprise capture.. I did not notice it until later)

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