Monday, June 15, 2009

His Big Heart... nudity issues

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So I've been busy. Our home AC unit crapped out on us today for a whole 8 hours my house was an oven... man Im spoiled...I cannot imagine living in a home without AC in the summer time. BLEH.

So this summer has been interesting with the children and nudity. Max and Katy are both getting old enough were they need to start learning modesty. For the most part I really don't care if they walk around the house naked... but THEY have no quams about going outside naked. That is where Andy and I are trying to draw the line. How do you teach your children about modesty without making it seem like we are trying to shame their bodies?? I think this really started when Katy answered the door when the UPS man knocked... butt naked. First problem of course is the children should never EVER answer the door to strangers. Miss Burger doensn't know strangers... and doesn't have a shy or timid bone in her body. Off topic a little bit... speaking of not being shy... an old man stopped us at walmart to oogle the baby... I had not said word one... and Max and Katy had introduced all of us and proceeded to ask this man if he was a grampa... and why don't you have any hair?? Im glad that he found it fresh and amusing.. I however... was ready to crawl under the shopping basket. Oh goodness, what are they going to say next?? Okay so back to nudity... how and when do you teach your children about modesty?? I am afraid I will comprimise body image... but Im getting frustrated.


Madeline said...

Ha! Your kids are very spirited. I wouldn't worry too much about the nudity thing. My sister was pretty bad about streaking through the house until she hit puberty. The answering the door to a stranger is definitely your biggest issue. She'll grow out of the whole running around naked business.

Heather said...

I have told my kids they are not allowed to answer the door if Mommy or Daddy are not there.

Also? With regard to nudity and privacy? When I and/or my children are uncomfortable, that's how we'll know we need to change things.

Renee said...

As far as modesty goes, anything goes at my house. Only rule is underwear are a MUST at the table. I am more worried about others when it comes to my kids outside, so once my daughter turned 3 we made a rule: clothes on in front of company. this also applies to strangers, ie outside. She doesn't take it as she must wear clothes b/c our bodies are bad, but just that our bodies are private. So far, so good. Good luck!

Danielle said...

I am soaking up all this advice. E is naked A LOT too and she loves it. I like the undiesd at the table rule and I suaully try to make sure she has clothes on in front of other people pr at least undies. haha

Awdrey said...

My kids are just the opposite. They are very shy, and they are starting to show some shyness around their dad when changing. They are 10 and almost 8. That's funny about the old man. He probably got a real kick out of it. When my son was real little we stopped at an old timey gas station and had full service. The man that came and pumped our gas had a huge pot belly. My son asked me out loud if he was pregnant. OMG!!! I don't think the man heard him, so they could have asked him worse things, LOL.