Friday, June 26, 2009

My first graduation portraits

I am so excited to say that my photography business is taking off. I really can't thank everyone enough for your support especially my mother and grandmother. LOL... I sound like Im doing a speech for an oscar award. I have been posting a lot these days on facebook for a change of scenery. If you are interested in visiting me there I am at

my fan page... yes folks I've started a fan it has worked wonders with local networking and getting the word out.

Im really impressed with the amount of feedback about the extended nursing. Leave it to my mom to give the view from the other side :) I kind of agree...don't think that I would personally be comfortable nursing a toddler in public... the gawks and glares would detract from what ever moment I was having with my child. I know that right now I don't really nurse lucy in public anymore anyway because she doesn't want any sort of fabic in her face... Im more on the modest side of public nursing so... I could avoid the flashing session and she would rather not over heat under a blanket. Plus we are really not nursing during the day anyway. Now... don't get me wrong... I wouldn't judge another mother... infact I would applaud her. But I haven't quite reached bare all boob nazi status.. .almost there... not quite yet. 2 more babies... (lol... my mom just fell out of her chair... just kidding mom! ;)

So this sweet girl in the photograph is Casey... I met her at the park.. well actually Max and Katy befriended her and she played with them for over an hour. I asked he if she would model for some graduation photos (more portfolio work) and she agreed. They turned out really fun... they are
here. She is awesome with my kids and seems really excited about babysitting. So my plan is to utilize her when Andy is working so that I can schedule more photoshoots and not worry about what to do with the children. Plus im sure the kids can use a few hours every now and then away from We'll see what happens when she goes back to school :)

Anyway, off to get somemore chocolate cake from the kitchen...mmmmm.

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Madeline said...

So exciting!! Congrats!!