Thursday, December 3, 2009

Max and ADHD

Wow its been a long time since I paid my own blog a visit! We've been pretty busy at the gonzadino house of craziness. Since I've blogged last we've moved to a new home in Winchester city, Max changed schools, I've been diagnosed with Crohns Disease and my photog. business is booming!

I've previously mentioned struggles with my 5 year old son Max. God bless him he was cursed with the family's ADHD predisposition. For years I've been struggling to help him with diet changes, positive discipline methods... routine stability... and sometimes just plain ignoring the behavior. I didn't realize how much he struggled with this until family intervened and I could see him in a social setting with his other peers. It was then pretty obvious that no amount of preservative and dye removal from his diet..vitamin B... or encouragement was going to help this child who clearly has a chemical imbalance. I've struggled with the idea of giving my child an adhd medication. Knowing that doing so would pretty much be a school age commitment.. as I too was on ADHD meds for most of my young life. (but as a child with a diagnosed adhd chemical imbalance.. meds were the right answer for me and I believe I survived the rigors of school, home and social aspects of life because of the meds that were prescribed for my childhood adhd)

I agree that many children are thrown onto the medications because it seems like the simplest and easiest answer to handling an overactive or unruly child. When many times the best course of action should have, routine, environment or parenting changes. I can honestly say that i've done my best over the last 36 months in all aspects and attempts and improving Max's quality of life outside of medicinal changes. With that said....

After many days of Max being singled out at school.. and the obvious and difficult frustrations Max is facing at home we have finally decided to proceed with Medicinal treatments. Max started an ADHD medication called Vyvanse yesterday and before the teacher even had a chance to read my letter to her informing her of the new treatment plan for Max.. I received a phone call from a VERY pleased teacher about how well Max was doing at school yesterday!! She stated that he was calmer, organized, followed directions easily and quickly (in the past its taken us up to 10 times more often than not to get Max to do Simple tasks such as put your shoes on or brush your teeth) Max came home from school a little irritable.. and with a belly ache (poss. side effect of meds) but overall happier about school and excited to return the next day. (never has he wanted to be at school until now).

this morning he woke up quickly and eager to get ready to start his day... in the past it was a battle to get him moving and out of bed. Over all I'm seeing very positive results!!! I am a tad concerned about the immediate side effects:

late afternoon crankiness
stomach upset
NO appetite
tough time going to bed

Hopefully we can work thru these. Anyone else have experiences with a young child being treated with meds for ADHD?


applesauce said...

Becky, thanks SO much for posting this. I think we're getting ready to bite this bullet, too. We had a meeting Tues. morning with about 5 teachers/staff from Josiah's school-- felt like an intervention! Of course I'm concerned about all the variables, but it's becoming more evident that the "what if we don't"s are out-weighing the "what if's". Wishing Max continued successes! <3

nicóle said...

Becky I had no idea Max was struggling with this. I can only imagine what a struggle it's been. I hope things continue to look up.

Rebekah Gonzalez said...

Lisa no problem.. we recently went thru the same thing with Max's teachers too.. does he go to john kerr?? We were pulled into a meeting with about 6 other teachers and councelors.. and I agree it felt like an a matter of fact Max's teachers.. behavioral coucelor and school psychologist showed up unannounced at my door one day.. talk about intervention.. im like "i get it...Max is a handful!"

Renee said...

sounds like you're doing the right thing. I'm sure it must be hard. My husband had ADHD and being on meds is a must for him. Nice to see you posting!

Mom said...

i am sooo happy you are posting again!!!