Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a family photo!!!

We had a visit the other day from my mother, brother and sister in law the other day for a small christmas dinner and to spend some time for the holidays.. it was a blast and so nice to see them. My sister in law brought stuff to do ginger bread houses and Max did a ginger bread train. So much fun!! Santa is going to get a ginger bread house this year.. Lucky santa!!

My parents and grandmother are coming out Christmas morning to have breakfast and open presents with the kids. Im really excited about this possibly being a new tradition.. we have really played up the santa clause deal this year and the kids are just old enough where its getting to be a lot of fun.

Lucy was very pleased with herself if you can't tell.. thought she was sneaking candy..but we all knew what she was

I know... holy cow! Its the 5 of us together!!

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Mom said...

this is wonderful!